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Daily Living Aids

If you don't see what you are looking for below, then you must give us a call or pop in anyway. We will be able to help you! We have many catalogues full of daily living aids - to make your life easier - Items such as:

Long handled hair brushes
Shoe horns/shoe removers
Hip Shields
Button Hooks
Dressing Sticks
Bra Angels
slippers and more........ just ask!
  • Table Valet

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    This portable table valet is ideal for TV dinners, painting, cards, jigsaws, hobbies and bedside meals. This strong, yet lightweight, table folds quickly and easily for storage and transportation. The wipe clean top has a lip to prevent items from rolling off and is adjustable in both height and angle. Height adjustable from 54 - 72cm (21.5-28.5"); Table top: 39 x 52cm (15.5x20.5").

    Portable Trays/Tables
  • Mobile Table

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    This high quality table enables the surface to be tilted whilst the smaller, fixed surface can be used to hold all sorts of useful things. Mahogany laminated top with deep rims on both sides to secure items when tilted. Fitted with smooth glide castors for ease of movement.

    Portable Trays/Tables
  • Easy Caddy Tray

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    The EasyCaddy consists of a tray and an outer case (bucket), which allows you to safely carry personal items and meals easily and with confidence. It is simple to attach to many folding wheeled walkers. It is light sturdy, easy to clean, and it will not upset the balance of the walker. Width 415mm (16 "). Depth 330mm (13"). Height (with tray) 190mm

    Portable Trays/Tables
  • Driving Aids - Handybar

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    Injury Prevention

    The Handybar® helps you get in and out of your vehicle easily and comfortably with this strong simple device. The Handy Bar, with its soft grip, non-slip handle for extra comfort and super strong forged steel shaft, creates a safe, solid support handle where it is needed. The Handy Bar fits the majority of vehicles with the U-shaped striker. The Handy Bar also incorporates a Seat Belt Cutter and Glass Breaker to help leave a vehicle quickly and easily in the event of an accident The Handybar® inserts into the U-shaped striker plate on your vehicle door frame. The U-shaped striker plate is one of the strongest parts of the vehicle and is designed to keep your vehicle door closed in the event of a side-impact collision. There is a striker on each of the vehicle's door pillars allowing the Handybar® to be used on both driver and passenger side-doors.

    Emergency Escape
    Universal Fit
    Non Slip Handle
    Patented, Engineered Design
    Convenient Size and Weight
    Driving Aids
  • Driving Aids - Seatbelt Reacher

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    A convenient handle for pulling your car seat belt. This is an ideal product for those people with arthritis, shoulder pain or limited mobility and just struggle to reach around and grab their seat belt. It attaches easily to your existing seat belt with no tools required.

    Driving Aids
  • Driving Aids - Panoramic Rear View Mirror

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    The Panoramic Rear View Mirror improves driving safety and visibility by eliminating blind spots and giving all-lane visibility. Its non-glare convex mirror provides confidence while driving. Installs easily over existing rear view mirror. Size 17 x 2 x 3.1".

    Driving Aids
  • Driving Aids - Soft Seat Transfer

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    A soft, padded, flexible turning disc ideal for use on car seats, chairs and beds. The Soft Transfer Seat allows a smooth swivel transfer without painful jarring or twisting.

    Driving Aids
  • Forearm Crutch

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    Forearm Crutches have an anatomical soft grip designed to support the palm and spread the pressure, for increasing comfort. Leg and forearm sections adjust independently for a custom fit. Height to handle: 660-890mm (26-35") Handle to cuff: 230-310mm (9-12"). Sold in pairs. Finished in Bronze or Blue metallic. Ferrule size for these canes is 21mm.

    Crutches & Canes
  • Crutch Pod

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    The Buckingham Crutch pod has been designed by an Occupational Therapist to allow those using elbow crutches to easily carry small personal belongings whilst holding both crutches. Stylish neat and modern design easily clips to a variety of positions on the stem of the crutch allowing personal belongings such as mobile phone, sunglasses, keys, water bottle etc to be carried with ease. The Buckingham Crutch pod will not upset the balance or function of the crutches.

    Crutches & Canes
  • Folding Walking Stick

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    These folding adjustable walking sticks with T-shaped handle are lightweight and easy to use, they fold away neatly for easy storage when not in use. All canes have a maximum user weight of 114 kg (18 stone). Ferrule size for these canes is 19mm.

    Crutches & Canes
  • Adjustable Cane

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    T shape wooden handle. Light and easy to use, height adjusts from 787-991mm (31-39"). Mahogany.

    Crutches & Canes
  • Flipstick

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    The Flipstick is a dual-purpose walking cane comprised of a rigid, folding aluminium stem with a comfortable plastic seat/handle. A spring-loaded button securely locks the seat/handle in either the walking or sitting positions. Lightweight to carry, yet capable of safely supporting 130 kg (280 lbs). Constructed from 4 interlocking aluminium stem sections joined together with a polyester covered rubber shot cord running through the centre. The triangular shaped bag can be carried over the shoulder, around the waist or simply in the hand the perfect traveller's companion. Weight with bag 0.60kg / 1.33 lbs Weight without bag 0.50kg / 1.11 lbs Stick Handle Height 87.5 Max User Weight: 20 stone (130kg)

    Crutches & Canes
  • Dressing Aids - Compression Stocking Aid

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    This Compression Stocking Aid is designed to take the struggle out of putting on Compression Stockings. It is made of steel with a smooth plastic coating. Convenient handles greatly assist in pulling the stockings up. Simply stretch the stocking over the column, insert toes and pull up with a continuous motion. Stocking Aids reduce bending and increase independence whilst dressing. The inside column width is 100mm (4").

    Dressing Aids
  • Dressing Aids - Easy-Pull Sock Aid

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    Foot slides easily on the nylon lining while the sock remains secure. The flexible plastic core of the Easy-Pull Sock Aid allows people with the use of just one hand to shape the trough easily. Large loop handles at the end of the strong, 810cm (32") straps are great for persons with weak grasps. Nylon lining allows foot to slide easily along the trough. Terry cloth outer covering keeps the sock or stocking securely on the sock aid. Slits in the plastic core allows for contour bending around the heel. Compact, lightweight and hand washable.

    Dressing Aids
  • Dressing Aids - Shoe Lace Coilers

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    Easy-to-use Coilers never need tying. Coilers may be tightened or loosened, but never need tying. They have no pressure points and allow natural movement. Fits up to eight pairs of eyelets. Sold in pairs.

    Dressing Aids
  • Dressing Aids - Zip Grip

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    The Zip Grip is ideal for persons who have difficulty grasping and pulling small zipper tabs. Just insert the peg of the Zip Grip through the hole in a standard zipper, fold in half and press to snap shut. Ring diameter measures 25mm (1"). Sold in package of 6.

    Dressing Aids
  • Shopping trolley

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    No more struggling up kerbs or steps with heavy old-fashioned shoppers. This new six-wheel shopping trolley has a clever articulated design that just glides up any step or staircase. It's lightweight design (just 2.1Kg) has external pockets for magazines, brollys etc., and a strap for handbags. Folds flat for easy storage.

    Shopping Trolleys
  • Liberator Shop-A-Seat

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    This four wheeled trolley has been designed primarily for people with a disability such as rheumatism, arthritis, a bad back, neck, shoulders, feet, etc., who require a balance aid when walking. As the name implies, this trolley offers freedom and confidence to those who may normally be housebound, to do their shopping in the knowledge that they can stop and rest whenever they feel the need. - When used as a seat, the four steel feet provide a firm, safe contact with great stability. - Unique, retractable undercarriage operates when the handle is lowered - leaving four very stable feet on the ground. - Extra thick soft rubber handgrips for arthritic hands. - Adjustable right-height handle for comfortable walking position.

    Shopping Trolleys
  • Shoe Spikes

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    The Shoe Spike prevents slipping during frost, snow and ice. The device is made from a frost-proof and very durable rubber compound and the hard metal pins are highly resistant to wear. An additional rear reflector is also included for safety. The Shoe Spike will fit on many different shoes, such as winter footwear, sports footwear and rubber boots. There are four different sizes, S, M, L, XL.

  • Kettle Tipper

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    This tipper allows the safe and steady pouring of hot liquids without lifting any weight. It is suitable for most types of teapot or electric kettle and comes with a Velcro strap for added security. Made completely from plastic it is lightweight and corrosion resistant. Suitable for use with cordless kettles. Length 205mm (8").Width 275mm (11"). Height 200mm (8").Weight 500g.When using the tipper with a cordless kettle (especially a jug kettle) for extra safety, it is recommended that the tipper stabiliser base is used.


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